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  • We offer self help audio books for immediate download.
  • These depression self help audios are excellent tools to help you find back into a happy and friendly world and back into a a easy and unencumbered life.
  • Many sufferers of anxiety or panic attacks have overcome their condition with these anxiety self help audios.
  • These psychology self help audios are a great way to support you. A psychology self help audio is ready at any time, anywhere. All you need is your MP3 player and you can start listening immediately.
  • These self help for women audio books have been carefully selected to present you the best self help books for women:
  • These self help motivation audios will give you the necessary kick off to feel ready to take on the world and knowing that you will achieve what you have set out to do:
  • These self help success audio books will show you different paths to success. Learn from the best and download these self help success audios here:
  • Download self help audio books on many different topics here online. We're open and ready for you 24/7!
  • Self Help Hypnosis Audio - Hypnosis is a powerful means to liberate skills and forces from within you. Download self hypnosis audios here.
  • Self Help Tapes used to be the best thing you could get. Today there is a much better system ready for you: Self help audios ready for immediate download!
  • Never be behind your reading anymore, download your self help business audio books here online:
  • Your self help motivational audio will immediately boost morale and get you totally determined and focused again! Grab your own self help motivational audio now online, it's ready for immediate download:
  • Self Help Download - We offer self help audio books for immediate download online.
  • Creativity Self Help Audio Books are a great way to enhance your productivity. Download these excellent audios full of creativity boosting ideas here:
  • Yoga and Health& Fitness Self Help Audio Books are a great way to enhance your physical and psycholgical well beeing. Download these excellent audios full of healthy ideas here.
  • These guided Yoga Meditations can open up a whole new dimension of your life. They are easy to follow and bring positive results from the very beginning.
  • The sounds of a gentle thunderstomr and the songs of morning birds greeting the day surround you with warmth, peace and inner calm.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's clinically proven audio system helps you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.
  • These entrancing melodies and gentle rhythms create a truly unique journey into tranquil musical spaces.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's clinically proven audio system, relaxes your body, eases your mind, and renew your spirit.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's clinically proven musical system helps you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.
  • Sound healer Steven Halpern uses soothing and free floating keyboard compositions to draw the body into a state of balance and harmony.
  • David Darling and the Atlantic Arts Ensemble envelope you in an aura of quiet serentity with soothing soundscapes, ambient jazzy melodies and peaceful, flowing rhythms.
  • Silvia Nakkach, sound healing pioneer, and David Darling, Grammy-nominate cellist, take you on ethereal journeys of unfolding rhythm and peaceful grooves.
  • Jim Oliver, Emmy Award winning performer, and Jorge Alfano, world music mulit-instumentalist, envelop you in a sensual and warm musical ambiance.
  • Prepare for surgery with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Manage thoughts & emotions, programming the mind & body for post-operative healing before surgery.
  • Uplifting melodies performed on keyboards, harmonium and thumb piano are blended with world percussion, Sanskrit chants and healing sounds.
  • Sound and guided imagery meditation can boost the production of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers.
  • Gael Chiarella, founder of Yokibics, leads you through a series of uplifting guided meditations.
  • The Healing Mind System audio works by blending inaudible pulses of sound that mirror the brainwave pattern of the HEALING MIND STATE into a soothing musical soundtrack.
  • Internationally renowned composers pioneer the use of music and sound for healing and enhanced well being.
  • Move easily into states of deep meditation, enhanced focus, heightened self-awareness, and awakened insight and inspiration.
  • Relax and let go as your tensions are transformed into peace, balance & ease.
  • Natural brainwave frequencies combined with guided imagery and ambient music take you on an inner journey of the mind, body, heart and spirit...
  • Lush ambient music combined with natural brainwave frequencies...
  • Natural brainwave frequencies combined with specially chosen works of Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Bach and other great masters lets you orchestrate your state of mind.
  • Based on Dr. Plasker's bestselling wellness system, The 100-Year Lifestyle(tm) reveals the secret to making the most of your extended lifespan.
  • With the three-hour diet, you will lose at least two pounds every week!
  • Influence your world with how you think.
  • People are suffering every day and even doctors who claim to be the best in their field cannot relieve their suffering. Today's society is in need of a change....
  • This is an unabridged Part 1 of the audio book and is provided free of charge. To buy the complete version, including the free e-book, simply enter
  • Do you worry about dry skin, injuries, smoke, sun, cold weather, tanning beds and other harmful elements in the world causing wrinkles to develop faster than nature allows? If so, you’re not alone…
  • This is an unabridged Part 1 of the audio book and is provided free of charge. To buy the complete version, including the free e-book, simply enter
  • Obesity and ill health in this country has reached epidemic proportions, and yet we have more help available than at any other time in history. What is the problem? I reveal it in my special report!
  • Many people have major problems with stress. They need to calm down and relax but they just can’t seem to find relaxation. As time goes on, the stress will begin to affect their health. Not You!
  • Do you want to live longer, happier and healthier? While you could take diet pills or supplements all day long, but it takes more than popping pills to achieve healthy aging.
  • Weight gain is a serious issue, no matter what your stage in life. It is a major health concern and can serve to shorten your life if it is not addressed.
  • Do you ever wish that you could get in better shape, tone those muscles, lose some weight and achieve better health without killing yourself in the process? Fitness walking is a great way to do this.
  • No one is immune from silent inflammation -- a condition that occurs when the body's natural immune system goes awry.
  • The groundbreaking approach to preventing and controlling type 2 diabetes. Part of the #1 New York Times bestselling series.
  • Providing clear, concise answers to your questions and concerns, The Atkins Essentials is ideal for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle
  • This relaxation exercise utilizes conscious breathing and body awareness methods to enable a relaxed and meditative state of mind.
  • This relaxation exercise guides you through a sequence of minimal body movements. It utilizes conscious breathing and body awareness methods to enable a relaxed and meditative state of mind.
  • Curbing Your Appetite with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Diet No More with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Healthy Eating for Teens Utilizing Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Losing weight & managing food addiction with Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Managing Bulimia with Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Managing Chocolate Cravings with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Managing Compulsive Eating with Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Managing Emotional Eating with Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Managing Food Addiction with Interactive Self-Hypnosis Including Sugar & Bingeing
  • Managing Night Eating with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Managing Salty Cravings with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Licking Sugar Addiction with Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Managing Under Nutrition with Interactive Self-Hypnosis Including Chronic Dieting & Eating Disorders
  • Motivation for Losing Weight with Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Practicing High Level Nutrition with Interactive Self-Hypnosis Including Healthy Weight Management
  • Managing & Reducing Carbohydrate Cravings with Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Motivation for Losing a Large Amount of Weight Utilizing Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex.
  • A 32 minute Hypnosis CD designed to help dissolve the habits associated with smoking.
  • Improve your self Confidence withh London Human Givens.
  • The undulating rhythm is adapted from tidal waves. Sensitive guitar sounds, melodic saxophone impressions and stimulating piano passages invite you for a relaxing walk on the beach.
  • If you suffer from yeast infections and want relief... if you're tired of trying pills, potions, and lotions... and you’re ready to cure your yeast infection today... then you’ve found the right book.
  • With the awareness of the eternal self our concept of time changes from linear to cyclical - Sister Jayanti explains our connection with the world of matter and how change is cyclic.
  • Let Felicia explain to you just how important you are, and the reason you should never give up.
  • Delta Sleep System will allow you to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up fully rejuvenated...
  • The weight loss and sense of well-being that he and his customers experienced convinced him that he had cracked the diet code, discovering a simple, natural, and nutritious approach to healthy eating
  • From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Healing Back Pain comes the book that will change...
  • An Easy Plan for Consuming Less and Living More.
  • Atkins' New Diet Revolution has helped millions lose weight and get healthy. Atkins will help you re-energize your life by rebalancing your nutrition so that you look good, feel good, and lose weight.
  • Unleash The Power of Mind Over Matter! Stop smoking now and enjoy more energy, greater focus, and regain control of your body and life with this proven process.
  • Dr. Walton's Stress Relief and Deep Sleep deals directly with changing sleeping patterns by combining the immediate proven effectiveness of clinical hypnosis with cutting-edge sleep strategies.
  • Dr. Walton's Tension Relief deals directly with stress reduction by combining clinical hypnosis with cutting-edge stress relief strategies.
  • Dr. Walton's Ultimate Weight Loss deals directly with changing eating patterns by combining the immediate proven effectiveness of clinical hypnosis with cutting-edge weight loss strategies.
  • Doctors Edward R. Hallowell and John J. Ratey highlight forms and symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder, a must have for all those interested in the workings of the human mind.
  • There are many small ways we sabotage our health without realizing it. By recognizing these bad habits...
  • This Audio Program is the secret to Relaxation! You’ll learn how to meditate to the point of dissolving Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Depression and Sorrow in less than 30 minutes a day!
  • This Audio Program will teach you how to visualize the future you want in less than 15 minutes a day!
  • This Audio Program will teach you how to meditate so that you can dissolve Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Depression and Sorrow in less than 30 minutes a day!
  • A phobia is a strong irrational fear that induces high levels of panic or anxiety, and often results in complete avoidance of particular situations.
  • Goal setting can help to rebalance your life.
  • Traumatic incidents can result in a people suffering from a range of anxiety disorders. The rewind technique that you will learn and use in this download will correct these faulty templates.
  • 'Enter the Zone' and discover the amazing truth about your body's ability to burn fat and how to achieve lasting weight loss, great health and peak performance...
  • Conventional medicine is not the only way to treat eye problems. Ophthalmologist Dr. Robert Abel presents amazing nutritional, herbal, homeopathic, and Asian therapies, as well as conventional meth...
  • With stories that are sometimes hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking, Lerner takes us from
  • The Fiber35 Diet is a revolutionary new way of eating that will help you take charge of your health and change your life forever.
  • Fit From Within shares precisely how you can stop battling food and the state of your thighs and start embracing life instead.
  • From the pink ribbons to the chat rooms to the Web sites that sell related accessories and stuffed animals, breast cancer has morphed from a disease to an experience.
  • Manage your fear of dentists & dental procedures with Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • It's keeping the weight off that's hard. In Get with the Program! Bob Greene gives you the keys...
  • The bestselling author of Secrets of a Good Night's Sleep brings you Getting a Good Night's Sleep. As with all InnerLife audio programs, you receive guided one-on-one sessions with a leading expert.
  • It seems some people just get all the luck. Does luck just happen, or can you make your own? Learn the secrets to getting the luck and greatly increase your odds for success!
  • Combining skilled hypnotherapy techniques with high quality creative sound effects. This superb high quality meditation audiobook is by the UK's bestselling homegrown self-help author.
  • This audio by best selling UK hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold, combines powerful clinical hypnotherapy techniques with state of the art digital recording...
  • Combining skilled hypnotherapy techniques with high quality creative sound effects
  • A total mind and body relaxation using skilled hypnotherapy techniques that can help guide you into a deep and relaxing sleep
  • Go one-on-one with great minds of medicine in an audio program that enlightens, informs, and ultimately, empowers you.
  • Finally the Truth about Stress and Anxiety Control Explained!
  • Dr. Lamm offers straight talk for men of all ages, including the Six Week Hardness Factor Program designed to improve a man's sex drive, stamina, hardness, and most of all health
  • Diminish habit of lip biting with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Release stress while managing negative thought patterns & emotions.
  • The scientist who fundamentally changed the way we view primates and our relationship with the animal kingdom now turns her attention to an incredibly important and deeply personal issue.
  • Reducing Prescription Drug Use with Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Achieving Alcohol Cessation with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Body Healing Visualisation
  • Calm your swirling mind, renew and revitalize your body and tap into your natural source of healing...
  • The message Dr. Emoto finds in water is one of personal health, global environmental renewal, and a practical plan for peace that starts with each one of us.
  • Maggie Lawrie in conversation with other coaches on the subject of stress management.
  • How To Sharpen Short Term Memory delves into new memory recall strategies.
  • Relax and Sleep -- Easily and Naturally.
  • This deeply relaxing audio by healer and hypnotherapist Quinne Jefferson is for anyone who suffers from stress in their daily lives.
  • If you are tired of struggling and want the true secret of unlimited success, The Key will open a new world of possibilities for you.
  • Kids enhance chemotherapy & disease management experience with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis, taking the child out of the helpless-hopeless stress cycle..
  • Kids who have chronic disease have special needs, both physically & emotionally. Working with creative Interactive Self-Hypnosis brings them a sense of empowerment & therefore releases stress.
  • Kids learn to program their own mind & body with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis for managing acute & chronic pain issues.
  • Assist kids in managing real & perceived stress reaction with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Kids work with specialized images & active affirmations to manage physical & emotional challenges.
  • Kids improve sleep habits with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Images & affirmations invite deep uninterrupted sleep, as the child actively relaxes deeply & enters a creative mind-state.
  • Kids get help to stop thumb sucking with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Even little kids can work with creative imagery that directs the automatic habits to healthy outcomes.
  • Kids self-motivate to exercise with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. As they enter creative imagery, the desire to assist their body towards health is greatly enhanced.
  • Kids enhance gymnastics performance by winning the mind game. Build skills while managing thoughts & emotions. Place images of success in the library of the mind.
  • Kids enhance cheerleading performance by winning the mind game. Build skills while managing emotions & placing positive imagery into the inner mind.
  • Girls enhance gymnastics performance by winning the mind game. Build skills while managing emotions & thoughts & planting images of success in the theater of the mind.
  • Kids enhance distance running by winning the mind game. Improve skills while managing emotions & thoughts. Plant positive images in the theater of the mind.
  • Kids enhance snow skiing performance by winning the mind game. Focus, flow, managing emotions & planting positive active imagery into the library of the mind.
  • Kids enhance track & field performance by winning the mind game. Focus, flow, concentration, flexibility increase while positive images of success are planted in the library of the mind.
  • Kids enhance lacrosse performance by winning the mind game. Build skills while managing emotions & thoughts. Plant success images in the theater of the mind.
  • Kids enhance swimming performance by winning the mind game. Build skills while managing thoughts & emotions. Plant images of success in the theater of the mind.
  • Enhance kids baseball performance by winning the mind game. Manage emotions, thoughts & inner images that promote success.
  • Enhance kids baseball batting performance by winning the mind game. Manage emotions, thoughts & plant images of success utilizing Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Enhance your pitching experience by managing your mind game. Focus, build confidence, discipline & manage emotions with positive imagery & imaginology.
  • Kids improve their basketball performance by winning the mind game. Manage thoughts, emotions & plant winning imagery in the theater of their minds.
  • Kids enhance ice hockey performance by winning the mind game. Manage emotions, thoughts & work with images of successful skill building & play.
  • Kids enhance soccer performance by winning the mind game. Manage thoughts & emotions while planting images of successful play.
  • Guided Meditations.
  • The ultimate fat-burning solution that will help you release the lean, strong body in you.
  • Welcome to the road of healthy weight management....for life....with the power of Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Relax, escape from the stress of everyday life, forget your worries and just let go.
  • The cure for America's Health Anxiety!
  • Promising freedom from life’s hurts, hang-ups, and habits, this life-changing program assures listeners that true happiness can be theirs, if they will chose it; for happiness truly is a choice.
  • Tips and Tools for maintaining a simpler life.
  • Debra Waterhouse seeks to understand the source of the rampant self-destructive attitudes that females in our society have about their bodies and about food.
  • This audiobook shows how good enough can be great for you!
  • The author tells her story about living with MS Part 2.
  • A self-esteem drought is plaguing America today, and many people find in bondage to unhealthy living habits. This leads to the deterioration of one of our greatest resources; our bodies...
  • Control What You Eat and How You Excercise Confidently Easily and Effortlessly (self hypnosis audio)
  • Listen in as expert fitness trainer David Carroll, founder of “Customized Personal Training” and “The David Carroll Method” gives you the “skinny”.
  • When Jenny’s two-year-old son was diagnosed with autism, she found herself alone without any resources except for her determination to help her son.
  • Raising Your Kids to Feel Loved, Be Kind, and Make a Difference
  • Combining his trademark ironic sensibility and keen sense of the absurd, Michael J. Fox recounts his life, from his childhood in a small town in Canada to his meteoric rise in film and television.
  • Managing Disorderly Eating Habits & Behaviors with Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • This 18-minute hypnotic meditation guides you to your peaceful place, and then helps you establish triggers for choice when others push your buttons.
  • Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning explores the sometimes unconscious basic human desire for inspiration or revelation and illustrates how life can offer profound meaning at every turn.
  • Being busy is NOT an excuse! Learn how meditation and a busy lifestyle go together.
  • Learn how meditation and a busy lifestyle go together.
  • After a few minutes of listening, your own brainwaves naturally “lock” onto the Theta pulses and lead you easily into states of deep meditation.
  • This audio is designed for the listener looking to make healthy Lifestyle Changes related to the diagnosis of hyperinsulinemia.
  • Managing a Sensitive Urinary Bladder with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Working through loss of a loved one with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Manage emotions, return to new normalcy earlier while transmuting negative energy into positive growth.
  • Enhance chemotherapy treatment by managing the mind & body connection. Work with specific imagery for healing, release negative thoughts & emotions.
  • Enhance dialysis treatment with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Release stress while bringing healing images to both the mind & body.
  • Enhance radiation oncology treatment with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Work with specific imagery for healing, including managing symptoms, emotions & thoughts.
  • Enhance the functioning of your immune system with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Release stress with mental biofeedback, while programming the mind with healing imagery.
  • Enhance sleep quality with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Release stress, manage thoughts & emotions while programming mind for deep, restful sleep quality.
  • Manage acne and skin conditions with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Diminish the stress connection and plant images for healing.
  • Enhance your management of acute & chronic pain with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Specific imagery for stress release, deep relaxation & creative intervention.
  • Enhance the management of adult diabetes by winning the mind game. Utilize original Interactive Self-Hypnosis to release stress, change lifestyle patterns, manage emotions & negative thoughts.
  • Enhance the management of arthritis diagnosis by winning the mind game. Release, stress, symptoms, negative thoughts & emotions with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Enhance your treatment of bladder oncology with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Work directly with your MindBody Connection for managing emotions, thoughts & stress.
  • Managing the diagnosis of breast cancer with Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Specific healing imagery assists with the mindBody connection, as well as emotions & thoughts.
  • Stop clenching & grinding your teeth with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Relax, release stress & program your mind & body in both awake & sleep states.
  • Enhance your management of uterine or cervical oncology with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Work direcctly with your MindBody Connection to manage stress & plant imagery for healing.
  • Enhance your management of chronic fatigue by winning the mind game. Release physical symptoms, negative thoughts & emotions, while planting positive images & producing healting chemicals.
  • Enhance the management of colon oncology diagnosis by winning the mind game. Diminish pain & physical symptoms, release stress & negative emotions/thoughts while producing healing chemicals.
  • Enhance the management of fibromyalgia by winning the mind game. Release stress & physical symptoms, manage emotions & thoughts while producing healing chemicals.
  • Manage Head & Neck Cancer/Oncology with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Produce healing chemicals, target anatomy, release stress, manage emotions & thoughts.
  • Manage heart & related diseases with original Interactive Medical Self-Hypnosis. Release physical stress, manage negative emotions & thought processes that hinder healing.
  • Regulate & maintain a healthy blood pressure with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis while motivating healthy lifestyle change.
  • Managing Cholesterol & Lifestyle Change with Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Enhance your treatment of HIV or AIDS with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Activate your MindBody Connection. Manage stress while planting powerful images of healing.
  • Manage diagnosis of interstitial cystitis with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Release pain sensations, stress & emotions while producing healing chemicals.
  • Manage IBS & gastric reflux with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Change lifestyle behaviors, release stress & symptoms while producing healing hormones.
  • Manage menopausal symptoms, including emotions with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Plant images of hormonal balance while releasing stress & experiencing deep relaxation.
  • Enhance the management of multiple sclerosis with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Release stress, produce healing hormones with ultra-deep relaxation, while guiding outcomes with positive imagery
  • Enhance the management of ovarian cancer diagnosis by winning the mind game. Release physical symptoms, stress & negative mind programs while producing healing chemicals.
  • Enhance your treatment of pancreatic oncology with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Work with your MindBody Connection for releasing stress & planting imagery of healing.
  • Manage PMS with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Relax deeply...release stress & physical symptoms, along with roller-coaster emotional states.
  • Enhance your management of psoriasis by winning the mind game. Turn off stress chemical production with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Manage symptoms & produce healing hormones.
  • Manage TMJ & tension headaches with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Release stress hormones & plant positive healing images into your own subconscious mind.
  • Prepare your body during pregnancy for the birthing process with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Release stress, manage physical changes & emotions.
  • Heal your physical & emotional mind & body with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Release stress while bringing balance to the body with specialized imagery.
  • Enhance your treatment of cardiovascular disease with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Work with your MindBody Connection to release stress & plant healing imagery.
  • In this thought-provoking audiobook, Ellen J. Langer's, Harvard professor of psychology, research has been
  • In her groundbreaking work Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert provides startling and decisive answers to challenging questions that scientists and philosophers have pondered for centuries.
  • When a woman reaches the peak of her life, beginning at age 45, only one enemy has the power to threaten her confidence, steal her beauty, and make her feel invisible.
  • Helps you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up rejuvenated...
  • David Ison’s transformational music and his Ison Method have brought relief, spiritual awareness and emotional balance to people around the world.
  • Lose weight, fight disease and slow the signs of aging.
  • Becoming more active utilizing the power of your own mind.
  • Motivating the Desire to Exercise with Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Inner Motivate Self-Discipline with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Build a disease resistant mind and body with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Manage your emotions utilizing original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Learn to respond instead of react. Release stress & open your creative mind for success.
  • Release stress & program your body to carry less tension. Enhance focus, flow, mind & body flexibility with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Enhance your ability to deepen your level of relaxation with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis & the practice of planting active affirmations.
  • Utilize original Interactive Self-Hypnosis to gather your inner resources to manage loss & accompanying depression. Transmute negative mind states & move forward in a posiitive fashion.
  • Utilize the power of your own mind to stay mentally well after divorce. Manage thoughts & emotions, while planting images of what you want utilizing original Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Enhance your motivation for healthy lifestyle change behaviors with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis & active Affirmations.
  • From one of the world's leading experts on reading and dyslexia comes the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and practical book yet to help readers—and their parents, teachers, and tutors—understand, ...
  • A Simple, Powerful Tool to Start Living Your Dreams NOW!
  • Dr. Perricone guides you on the road to improved health, looks and well-being.
  • Take off 10 years in 28 days! Look younger, live longer in three easy steps.
  • This audiobook is a hands-on guide to recovery from the bondage of phobias. The material contained within will guide listeners toward the help they need in understanding and overcoming phobias.
  • Stay Focused Relax and Play Every Round to the Best of Your Ability (self hypnosis audio)
  • With the help of this download, learn how to create positive thoughts, balance within and see how to develop your inner strength.
  • In a simple form, understand the beauty of Raja Yoga meditation and how spiritual awareness is needed to link the self and God.
  • A sequence of guided breathing exercises from the Yoga tradition. The techniques included tranquilize the nervous system and stabilize the whole organism.
  • During the early stages of meditation practice it is recommended to use short, simple commentaries to help the mind focus.
  • This 19-minute self-hypnosis program is designed to help you effectively taper your smoking habit, with the ultimate goal of becoming a become a tolerant non-smoker.
  • This 20-minute self-hypnosis program is designed to help you quit smoking for the last time and become a tolerant non-smoker.
  • New ways to counteract stress. This audio is a combination of informative discussion and relaxing commentaries.
  • Recommended by dentists, this calming and positive audio can help anyone who is apprehensive about dental treatment, from mild anxiety to chronic phobia.
  • After instructions as to the appropriate position and situation in which to listen to the audio are given, you will be encouraged...
  • In this Relaxation and Empowerment download you will have a direct experience of deep relaxation.
  • Short commentaries and beautiful, calming music will help you come closer to understanding the inner self.
  • Edwene Gaines is 'a prosperity pioneer,' the likes of which the world has never seen.
  • The life-affirming values of empathy, compassion, non-violence, patience, and spirituality--and will prove as utterly fascinating as it is instructive
  • The Healthy Body Manual.
  • Smallpox was a terrifying human scourge. It covered the skin with hideous, painful boils, killed a third of its victims, and left survivors disfigured for life. This riveting book tells the story o...
  • What is the secret to feeling relaxed? This audio programme will help remove stress and worry...
  • Maggie Lawrie shares with you the secret of how your mind affects your weight and how you can use the power of your mind to help get into the best shape of your life.
  • The bestselling book and movie, The Secret. Critically acclaimed by huge media figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and Larry King, It contains everything listeners have ever wanted!
  • “An understanding of the basic biochemistry and physiology of energy production is important to the physician and to the consumer of health care - that’s you” - from the book.
  • Be Calm, Relax and Drift Off into a Deep, Long, Restful Sleep (self hypnosis audio)
  • This 21-minute self-hypnosis program is designed to help you reduce your smoking, with the ultimate goal of becoming a become a tolerant non-smoker.
  • Dr. Agaston's diet has produced consistently dramatic results (8 to 13 pounds lost in the first 2 weeks!) and has become a media sensation in South Florida.
  • Enhance your American football performance by winning the mind game. Manage thoughts & emotions while building skills inside football greats.
  • Enhance your archery performance by winning the mind game. Manage thoughts & emotions while building skill, playing inside archery greats.
  • Enhance your baseball performance by winning the mind game with Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Enhance your basketball performance & win the mind game with Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Competitive bicycle distance racing needs an excellent mind training program for managing emotions & building endurance.
  • Enhance your cheerleading performance by winning the mind game. Manage fears, build confidence & diminish all negative mind-sets using Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Enhance your darts skills & level of performance with Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Enhance your distance running performance by winning the mind game. Focus, concentration, manage body sensations & emotions with Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Enhance your competitive diving performance by winning the mind game. Manage emotions & thoughts while programming your mind with images of perfect form & success.
  • Enhance your golf game by winning the mind game utilizing Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Enhance your ice skating performance by winning the mind game with Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Enhance your ice hockey performance by winning the mind game. Manage your emotions & thoughts while planting subconscious mind images of success.
  • Enhance your lacrosse performance by winning the mind game. Mange thoughts & emotions while building skills in the theater of your mind.
  • Enhance men's gymnastics performance by winning the mind game. Manage thoughts & emotions while building skill inside professional athletes.
  • Get a competitive edge in your rowing performance with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Work with your two Inner Coaches!
  • Enhance your snow skiing performance by winning the mind game. Focus, flow, concentration, emotional managing & placing active images of success in the theater of your mind.
  • Enhance your swimming performance by winning the mind game. Manage thoughts & emotions, plant images of improved form & outcomes utilizing Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Enhance your table tennis performance by utilizing the power of your mind with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Release tension & enhance focus while playing inner pictures of successful play.
  • Enhance your tennis performance by winning the mind game with Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Enhance your track & field performance by winning the mind game. Manage thoughts & emotions, build skills, while placing positive images of success in the theater of your mind.
  • Enhance volleyball performance by enhancing skills & managing stress, thoughts & emotions. Get the competitive edge right here!
  • Enhance your gymnastics performance by winning the mind game with Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Enhance your wrestling performance by winning the mind game. Manage thoughts & emotions while programming images of successful techniques.
  • Meditation Ambience
  • Addictions will weaken in their power when you find better ways to get your essential emotional needs met and understand clearly exactly how the brain manufactures and maintains these dependencies.
  • In this download you will learn of the three factors which are maintaining your depression, and be able to identify the importance of each of these as contributing factors.
  • Your binge drinking will weaken when you find better ways to get your essential emotional needs met and understand exactly how the brain manufactures and maintains this particular dependency.
  • Your cocaine addiction will weaken when you find better ways to get your essential emotional needs met and understand exactly how the brain manufactures and maintains your coke dependency.
  • Overcoming depression: it can be done.
  • In this download you will learn of the three factors which create and maintain virtually all post natal depressions. You will also be able to identify the importance of each of these.
  • Practical ways to turn stress into success.
  • The self help classic which has changed millions of lives !
  • SuperFoods Rx is based on a simple but profound premise: some foods are dramatically better than others for our health and longevity
  • You can find our culture’s obsession with avoiding risk everywhere, from multiple insurance policies to crash-tested vehicles. But is ducking risk the most productive way for us to live?
  • A 33 minute Hypnosis CD designed to help dissolve the bad habits associated with overeating, eating too fast, eating at the wrong times
  • Ten Minutes to Relax was created by Dr. Paul Overman, a psychologist with over thirty years of clinical experience in the field of stress management.
  • Stay Focused and Play Every Game of Tennis to the Best of Your Ability (self hypnosis audio)
  • Let go of your stress, renew your spirit and gain insight and intuition...
  • In The Thin Commandments Diet, Dr. Stephen Gullo lets you in on his unique weight-loss program that has a success rate that is many times higher than the national average.
  • The program that sheds new light on the extraordinary healing potential of past life therapy, by the bestselling author of Many Lives, Many Masters.
  • The Easiest Way to Prepare Yourself for Vegetarian or Vegan Living.
  • Listeners will learn how to keep the brain sharp, be more physically fit, be more resistant to infections and disease, and feel and stay younger than they ever imagined.
  • An instant New York Times bestseller, UltraMetabotism finally reveals why it's so hard to lose weight. Allow the Doctor to run through the reasons for weight retention...
  • Two physicians unveil a revolutionary, accessible, science-based, patient-centered program for living an active, age-defying, disease-free life.
  • The breakthrough 6 week program that helps you burn fat, tone muscle and feel great!
  • Let Felicia explain to you the correct process in losing weight and toning your muscles.
  • Felicia explains the most important lesson to learn from the recent epidemic.
  • Affirmational soundtracks for positive living.
  • In this incredibly penetrating talk, Krishnamurti describes the psychological pressures of life and how these pressures affect right living:
  • An entertaining trip through the wonders of nature. A delightful and fitting ode to the remarkable resilience of animals, insects and birds.
  • Debra Waterhouse, renowned nutritionist and author of
  • Based on the teachings of The Kripalu Center, these guided meditations attune you to the ever-present life force flowing throughout all levels of your being...
  • A powerful guided meditations master teachers lead you into the depths of your heart and mind...
  • Russill Paul masterfully blends the tremendous power of ancient chants with an ensemble of traditional indian and contemporary instrumentation...
  • A one-hour stretch program of basic stretching, toning and strengthening movements. Writeen and read by Beth Shaw.
  • Get your diet up and walking with YOU: On a Walk! Listen as you walk for a leaner, healthier life!
  • Feel better, healthier, and more relaxed...with the audio companion to the #1 Bestseller You: Staying Young.
  • The Breath Awareness exercise is designed to help you become more aware of our breath, so we can utilize its power to improve our mental and physical health --
  • Originally featured in You: Breathing Easy, Breath Body Awareness features a seven-minute meditation for decreasing stress and increasing relaxation.
  • From the Authors of the #1 Bestselling YOU: On A Diet and YOU: On a Walk. Wouldn't you like to know how to prevent your body from aging badly?
  • Rotella has come up with a plan to help golfers play at their optimal best. It is something that every golfer will want to learn.
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  • With these interpersonal skills self help audio books you will be able to join the group of successfull and well liked folks. Download these excellent audios full of great ideas and examples here.
  • Discovering the Key to Success. Life-affirming and authoritative, this invaluable audiobook will empower you to face life and work with joy and confidence.
  • Emotions can make you or break you. This program is designed in original Interactive Self-Hypnosis to assist you in programming both diminishing & enhancing your emotions.
  • Easily master the essential techniques to become a confident speaker in any situation on any subject.
  • Discover situations, ideas and questions designed to immediately spark your imagination and enhance your success through powerful business skills.
  • An essential recording for anyone attending job interviews. Have the right answer ready and never be tongue-tied again.
  • From learning how to take charge of their own lives to discovering how balance is best, the Seven Oaks friends have tons of adventures.
  • Have you ever dreamed of being the life of the party? Having everyone hang on your words and laugh at your jokes-every time? Or are you feeling stressed out and need to unwind?
  • Do you want to live longer, happier and healthier? Improving your personal life is essential to living longer and better. Unfortunately, learning how to do that can be difficult. Not any more….
  • Wow – This Amazing, No-Holds-Barred Interview Guide Really Works! Get the Job You've Always Wanted - At Last!
  • Glenn Beck has stumbled upon the secret formula to winning arguments against people with big mouths but small minds: knowing the facts.
  • Sun Tzu's Ancient Strategies and Wisdom for Winning at Work
  • If you feel like you need more self confidence in life, then this may be the CD for you.
  • With pithy language, Bo explains that true leadership requires the compassion to actively listen to your people, and then to have the courage to do what is right every time
  • The practical handbook and theology for confrontation by the authors of the award-winning and best-selling Boundaries. Read by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr
  • Teenagers! You love them to pieces... but sometimes you feel as though the pieces are falling apart.
  • The art of tooting your own horn - without blowing it.
  • Children Are From Heaven covers different skills of parenting to help improve communication, increase cooperation, and motivate your children.
  • In this entertaining, informative, and life-changing audiobook, Jay gives instructions to both sides of the familial gap.
  • Reviving a thousand-year tradition of chivalry, honor, and heroism, The Compleat Gentleman provides the essential model for twenty-first-century masculinity, the oldest and best ideal of manhood: t...
  • Feel Confident and Comfortable Speaking in Public (self hypnosis audio)
  • In THE CONFIDENT WOMAN, Joyce Meyer draws on her decades of experience interacting with and ministering to women...
  • Maybe you can't turn
  • Success coach Dr. Tim Ursiny shows us that, yes, conflict can be a good thing, and facing up to it can lead to fantastic results!
  • With guidance from Paul Owens, The ORIGINAL Dog Whisperer, you'll learn compassionate training methods for even the most sensitive dogs.
  • Dr. Walton's Surviving the Wedding deals directly with the emotional side of getting married by combining communication strategies, psychological insights, and self-empowerment techniques.
  • As this timely audiobook shows, the greatest opportunity to make a difference in corporate America today may be in attacking traditional priorities in unconventional ways.
  • In this live performance, bestselling author Stephen R. Covey will show you how to save or get the job you want by completely re-thinking that job.
  • The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships. In this deeply personal collection of essays, prayers, and self-reflection, Marianne Williamson turns to romantic love.
  • In this live performance Stephen will show you how to make the contribution that only you can make because of your unique package of skills, passion, talent and energy.
  • Family First offers you and your family hope - for a phenomenal home life now, and a productive, fulfilling future for your children.
  • Seven Steps to Conquering the #1 Relationship Wrecker- Financial Infidelity.
  • International image consultant Pauline Purvis reveal in this interview the secrets to making sure your first impression counts when you present in front of an audience or clients.
  • Manage Fear of Conflict Including All Sorts of Disagreements, etc. with Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • Fear of Phone or Cold Call Sales
  • Manage social & people anxieties with Interactive Self-Hypnosis Techniques
  • Let Go of the Pain Others Have Caused and Feel Free Today (self hypnosis audio)
  • Generation Text provides the sage advice and proven parenting strategies for raising confident, happy, and safe kids who will be fully equipped for their future.
  • Learn all the necessary steps to guarantee yourself a raise and promotion. After listening to this you'll be looking forward to the next pay review.
  • Learn these techniques and you'll be able to master the art in no time at all and be schmoozing your way to everything you have ever wanted.
  • Author Leil Lowndes knows firsthand how excruciating shyness is. Shyness is a curse. Shyness makes you feel like an unwanted guest in everyone else's world.
  • “Jeff Riggenbach does a particularly good job, reading with accuracy, expression, and appropriate fervor.”— AudioFile
  • In Heaven and Earth: Making the Psychic Connection, the author leads us to truly see, feel, and listen to our inner voice, and more.
  • If you don’t know how to tap into the hidden job market, you’re in for a long, painful job search.
  • In Hold Me Tight, Dr. Johnson shares her groundbreaking and remarkably successful program for creating stronger, more secure relationships.
  • Let Felicia explain to you the correct method of meeting your spouse and how to be found by a good man.
  • Let Felicia explain the necessary steps to take that will assist you in your job search and build confidence in the process.
  • Bestselling author and nationally renowned therapist Terrence Real unearths the causes of communication blocks between men and women in this groundbreaking work.
  • How Full Is Your Bucket? reveals how even the briefest interactions affect your relationships, productivity, health, and longevity
  • This program is strictly only for guys who seriously want to have a breakthrough with being able to approach women, and are willing to do something about it.
  • The secrets of finding friends and lovers and keeping them for a lifetime
  • Are you tired of dating the same old losers? Do you justify it by saying: ''There's nobody interesting in this town. I don't meet any exciting people in my job.'' Or ''All the good ones are taken''.
  • Milo Frank, former CBS television talent and casting head, shows you how easy it is to get your point across in 30 seconds—and get what you want.
  • In David Portney's workshops he teaches you how to handle the toughest job interview questions you'll ever get.
  • Communication guru Leil Lowndes arms you with all-new, cutting edge, research-based communications techniques for success in life, love, and business.
  • A revolutionary approach to face-to-face communication that will help anyone succeed. Written and read by Nicholas Boothman.
  • How to Spot a Liar is the first book that gives you the tools to figure out what's really going on.
  • Enthusiastically praised by parents and professionals around the world, the down-to-earth, respectful approach of Faber and Mazlish makes relationships with children of all ages less stressful.
  • These renowned bestselling authors share their advice and expertise with parents.
  • *Top 15 listing - Publisher's Weekly Nov 2006* Have you ever admired those successful people who seem to have it all? They chat confidently at parties, speak well in business...
  • Winning arguments with confidence, grace and ease.
  • For over 60 years the rock-solid, time-tested advice in this audiobook has carried thousands of now-famous people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives
  • I Can Read You Like a Book features a system for scanning and interpreting anyone’s body language, enabling you to figure out what they are really saying or feeling.
  • In Jay McGraw's Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies, McGraw helps kids identify potentially harmful situations and deal with bullies through tips, techniques, and examples.
  • Kids work with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis imagery & affirmations to improve their overall nutrition.
  • Techniques which will enable you to focus on what is most important in any situation while ignoring distractions.
  • In Letters to My Daughters, famed political consultant and TV personality Mary Matalin shares the moral, ethical, and occasionally comic life lessons gleaned from her mother's experiences and her own.
  • When you pledge commitment for better or worse, are you thinking,
  • A Proven Program for Turning Effective Listening Into a Powerful Business Tool!
  • Couples consistently name “improved communication” as the greatest need in their relationships. Love Talk is a deep yet simple plan full of new insigh
  • Useful tips to help achieve a more professional level of speech.
  • Useful Tips to help achieve a more professional level of Speech.
  • Useful tips to help achieve a more professional level of speech.
  • From the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.
  • John Gray, who changed the way people view gender differences with his #1 international bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, now brings his insights to the working world.
  • By following the principles of Maximum Achievement's Master Plan, you can build a foundation for a life of happiness, health, harmony and prosperity.
  • Financial strategist Douglas R. Andrew, dares to question the conventional wisdom on personal finance that most people accept.
  • Let Felicia explain to you how to handle this very serious situation, and work through what can be a heartbreaking ordeal.
  • Renowned psychologist David J. Lieberman shows you how to stop the lies and uncover the truth -- in any conversation or situation.
  • Utilize the power affirmations & specialized image to become more assertive in all areas of life.
  • Build old & new relationships in all areas of your life with interactive affirmations, designed to put you in charge of getting what you truly want.
  • Enhance your self-esteem with the power of your own mind. Change negative programming with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis.
  • Make decisions with less efforting utilizing the power of your own subconscious mind. Release negative mind-states & thoughts, while programming the mind for successful outcomes.
  • Enhance your ability to speak up & to speak out by utilizing the power of your own mind. Move past fear & shyness & onto the path of successful living.
  • Enhance your self-esteem with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Edit old mind programs that take youaway from your
  • Boost your career by managing destructive work habits utilizing your subconscious mind. Manage emotions & thoughts that trigger these habits & open your own creative mind at the same time.
  • Boost your career, success & health by managing your emotions & thoughts in the workplace. Release stress & program your mind for positive outcomes.
  • Manage workplace stress with the power of your own mind. Release negative emotions & thoughts, while building positive, working images of health & success.
  • Enhance your sales performance while releasing stress. Utilize the power of your own mind to manage emotions & negative thought chatter. Program your mind for the level of success that you want.
  • The 10 Skills You Need to Get Exactly What You Want.
  • Hal Urban—parent, award-winning teacher, and author of the classic Life's Greatest Lessons—shows us simple and immediate ways that we can use language to change lives
  • In this modern, stress-filled time, we face many awkward situations amid the woes of love, friendship, and profession. To avoid gaffes and goofs and other embarrassments, we need to bring our social IQ into the twenty-first century. This book defines manners and etiquette for how we live today...
  • Be Assertive Yet Relaxed Calm and in Control and Let Go of Anger Now (self hypnosis audio)
  • Let Go of Past Hurt - It's What You Think That Really Matters (self hypnosis audio)
  • A Strategic Guide To The Secret Languages That Open Doors Everywhere.
  • Whether you're seeking a new relationship or to improve the one you already have, this is the program for you.
  • Michael Watkins zeroes in on the most critical skill that need transitioning leaders must master in order to create momentum and secure early wins: Negotiation.
  • Social Phobia Hypnosis Audiobook
  • Your guide to acquiring new confidence in personal and professional communication.
  • A story about a squirrel who is teased and bullied about his stuttering.
  • Success, Happiness & Goal Setting Audiobook
  • Sure to become an invaluable parenting resource and a classic in ADD literature, this book will help parents unlock the gifts of ADD.
  • Locating & Re-uniting with Your Authentic Self with Interactive Self-Hypnosis
  • More than 95% of guys don't pick up on a woman's sex signals. Here's how to make sure you're not one of them.
  • Thanks for the Tip - Confessions of a Cynical Waiter.
  • From one of the world's foremost spiritual leaders, an inspiring audiobook that provides young adults and their parents with a game plan for leading a better life.
  • Guiliano gives us a refreshing guide filled with advice that every working woman will need in today's climate. Her previous two books have been international best-sellers.
  • DR FRANK LUNTZ was named the
  • A indispensable guide for dealing with difficult people in the workplace.
  • If you find yourself getting fed up and frustrated with a colleague whose incompetence is driving you crazy, or a boss who gets angry when you're not a mind reader. Quit complaining and do something..
  • Finally, A Clear, Concise and Comprehensive Guide To Resume Writing. Start Sending Resumes That Work and Watch Interview Requests Pour In!

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